Battlefield 4? Better Campaign?

Battlefield 4 having a better campaign? That’s what people are saying.

It has been proven through the beta version that Battlefield 4 has a better campaign than the previous battlefield. How? Well, the campaign cast has much more personality than the previous one. Not just that but it brings back what you can do  in Battlefield Bad Company 2. You can approach your objective from multiple angles. In addition, it also brings back the funny nonsensical talk between the soldiers from Company B.

Last time that I played Battlefield 3, after the first couple of missions, I never played it again because of the lack of freedom. It’s like having the creators of Battlefield trying to choke you and prevent you from doing whatever you wanted in the game. In addition, the campaign was slow paced but judging from the game trailer for Battlefield 4, it might even be better than what Call of Duty Ghosts’ campaign. Battlefield 3 made no sense… if you tried to go off the map (which was really easy because there were random openings where the enemy came out of) you would die but not from enemy fire. You would just be dead. Nothing harming you.

I know I’m going to get Battlefield 4 as the campaign will be better than the previous. If you have any comments, feel free to leave them bellow.


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